Teresiana Route

Saint Teresa of Jesus, the most universal abulense

Saint Teresa of Jesus, patron of the city of Avila and patron of Spain

She remains the protagonist, and every tourist, visitor or pilgrim, will approach Ávila to revive the XVI century

Join us and relive the XVI century

Century in the that the mystical doctor was born, taking the path Footprints of Teresa de Ávila that begins in our city and that will have a long journey through the seventeen localities in which Teresa founded her convents or dovecots as she called them.

What will we visit on this route?

And in Ávila we will visit the most emblematic Teresian enclaves, most of them located within the walled enclosure or historic center and others that are outside the walls.

They all have a very attractive and unique history that will be explained by our professional guides.



From this page we can schedule a guided visit to one or some of the 17 locations where Teresa de Jesús founded her convents: Ávila, Medina del Campo, Malagón, Valladolid, Toledo, Pastrana, Salamanca, Alba de Tormes, Segovia, Beas de Segura, Seville, Caravaca de la Cruz, Villanueva de la Jara, Palencia, Soria, Granada and Burgos.

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