Route 88 Torreones


The most emblematic monument of Ávila

There is no treatise or manual in the world that does not carry on its covers the majestic view of the Walls of Avila

What will we visit on this route?

we invite you with a special affection to his contemplation, of which you will be absorbed, and to a walk through the adarve, another one for all his circumscription, to count his cubes, to stop at his doors, to read in his Legends walls and unspeakable epigraphic data, to which you sit in the green grass of the esplanade of the north canvas and admire yourself in the Espadaña del Carmen

Do not miss your views from any hillock in the city and if it gets dark, go up to the Humilladero de los Cuatro Postes and you will see what a spooky vision you can see from there.



Essentially it is a medieval construction, and perhaps the best preserved walled enclosure in the world. It is grounded on rock and its fence is granite masonry. Its walls have a thickness of 3 m. and 12 m. Tall. Approximately every 20 m. a façade tower is built in a semicircle, which protrudes about 8 m. On the canvas there are many materials: cornices, boars, columns, stelae, arches, etc., which may come from the dismantling of a high imperial necropolis. Punctually it has been undergoing restorations and repairs for its best conservation. From March 24, 1884, it is a National Monument.


Tour on the El Murallito train along the entire walled enclosure.

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