Route of the Palaces

Relive the golden age of Ávilaila

The 16th century is the golden age of Ávila

Fall in love with architecture

The history of the city reaches its maximum splendor in all its artistic, cultural, social and even economic manifestations. The city is architecturally reinforced with a series of palaces and civil works, with blazons carved in stone and with Plateresque and Renaissance decorations.

Artistic constructions

They are constructions that treasure exceptional artistic value; many of them have been preserved in their purest form and others have undergone transformations, have been rehabilitated and updated with structural reforms appropriate to the world in which we have lived and retained its original beauty.

Most of these palaces, authentic bulwarks of the city, along with the wall, are located within the walls and the visit to them will revive an old town, full of history and art.