Avila Night Route

Spectacular panorama of the city

Join the wonderful night view

With the beautifully lit Wall the monuments of Avila stand out as if it were a magical city.

What will we visit on this route?

This route is designed for people with a sixth sense, the walled city and its class and distinction will be displayed in all its splendor


Basilica of San Vicente

The Basilica of San Vicente, of cathedral dimensions, alone can justify a trip to our city. His style belongs to the purest Romanesque, although the dome of the temple is built in a Gothic key. The temple is dedicated to the saints Vicente, Sabina and Cristeta and rises where they were martyred and buried. Romanesque model and even Spanish. In it stands the cenotaph of the Saints. On the western cover are beautiful Romanesque sculptures. In the fifteenth century the arcaded gallery was built. It is a National Monument since 1923.

Puerta de San Vicente

East Canvas of La Muralla


The cathedral of Avila, from the transition from Romanesque to Gothic, is considered the first Gothic cathedral in Spain. Cathedral-fortress, its apse, the cimorro, is embedded in the wall, being its largest cube. It has a Latin cross floor plan with three naves, cruise ship and semicircular double-headed header. The tower on the right is unfinished and the left is topped in merlons with saeteras. Its impressive door of the Apostles of the thirteenth century was moved from the access to the north wall. In it we can visit the Trascoro, with plateresque bas-reliefs and important biblical scenes, the Girola, in which the sepulcher of El Tostado, of Vasco de la Zarza, the Altar Altarpiece of Pedro Berruguete, the Altar of San Segundo or that of Santa Catalina. It was declared a National Monument in 1949.

Street of Death and Life

Puerta del Alcazar

Paseo del Rastro (panoramic view of the Amblés Valley)

Puerta del Rastro

Palacio de los Dávila

Palacio de los Guzmanes

Church of San Juan

It is a Romanesque temple that was renovated in the 16th century in Gothic style with obvious Renaissance influences. The head and the chapels of the cruise are of Herreriano-Renaissance style. Inside is the gothic baptismal font in which Saint Teresa of Jesus was baptized. In 1983 it was declared a National Monument.

Mercado Chico

Cathedral Square

The Cathedral Square of Avila surprises visitors and is one of the main tourist attractions and meeting point of the people of Abuca and tourists. Their typical stone lions attract a lot of attention. It is surrounded by beautiful palaces and very unique buildings.

Calle del Tostado

Puerta de San Vicente

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