It contains in its mysterious streets and in its people a historical, artistic, monumental and human heritage without equal in the world.

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We invite you to take a tour of its narrow and brittle streets, its historical surroundings and even other tourist sites of enormous natural interest, which are located in its rich and varied provincial geography.

Therefore, we have designed for you, dear visitor, some routes full of attractions. We hope you enjoy and that when you leave your home and your city forever, you carry our name, the memory of its people and the imprint of its art, its history, its culture and its monuments all over the world. declared

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“The historic center of Ávila is very cozy and conveys a very pleasant peace. You can walk perfectly on foot and then sit on a terrace to have a drink and relax. “


Amanda Martin

“It’s like moving to the past. Very well preserved with many convents and mansions. There is a very good balance of cars that let in, without it being excessive. It seems bigger than it is. On an afternoon walk you can see everything. Many tapas bars. Highly recommended “


Carlos Bustamante

“I can’t like it any more, every time I go I enjoy its corners, its monuments and its restaurants, Ávila de los Caballeros, infinite city! Excellent service from the guides ” 


Juan Cortez

“Their service is fantastic, they teach you every corner of such a beautiful city. Excellent for an unforgettable vacation”


Rebeca Méndez


A unique experience

In its walls, temples, convents, palaces and natural landscapes, you will find, without a doubt, a pleasure for your senses and a solace for your spirit. We show you, below, some tourist routes that you will travel quietly and that expert guides and connoisseurs of our history and our culture will explain you simply, but with a proven scientific rigor.

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