Ávila Routes

The Best Routes to know Ávila

Our expert guides, connoisseurs of the history and culture of Ávila, will explain in depth our tourist routes. You just have to let yourself be carried away by the professionalism of the best transmitters of the heritage of Avila.

Santa Teresa de Jesús, patron of the city of Ávila and patron of Spain, and our most universal Abulense, remains the protagonist, and every tourist, visitor or pilgrim will approach the walled capital to revive the sixteenth century

Few Spanish cities have a Romanesque architectural heritage such as Avila. Most of the Romanesque churches that decorate our city are located outside the walls and, as a very curious case, placed in front of the gates or the arches of the wall.

Ávila is one of the Spanish cities that has preserved and protected its historic center with a special care. Taking a walk through the streets of the historic center is a joy, as

The sixteenth century is the golden age of Ávila. The history of the city reaches its maximum splendor in all its artistic, cultural, social and even economic manifestations.

The most emblematic monument of the city of Ávila is, without a doubt, that of its walled fortress, being one of its main hallmarks.

From the Humilladero de los Cuatro Postes you can see a really spectacular panorama of the city, with the beautifully lit Wall the monuments of Avila stand out as if it were a magical city.

Isabel de Castilla, better known as the first queen to gather a great power on her own, was born in Abulense. He spent his life as a resident in Ávila, regularly, from his birth.

Monumental Visits In Ávila And Its Province

You can not miss the visit to other monuments of Avila as important as they are: The Cathedral. The Monastery of Santo Tomás. The Monastery of San Francisco. The Royal Monastery of Santa Ana.
In all these places you will find moments for rest, the enjoyment of nature, the healthy pleasure of gastronomy, together with art, history and knowledge of its simple, friendly and welcoming people. Worth it.

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